Managed Asset Management Services

Having an asset management plan is vital for a successful business, as it will join the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management, and its responsibilities to manage the overall asset life cycle itself. It also will include tactical and strategic decision making on your business’s assets. It is always useful to know exactly what assets your business holds and where they are.

The Velez asset management plan will track and manage all your hardware, software, and non-IT assets. By implementing Velez’s asset management plan, it can help cut down on maintenance costs. Since all of your assets are tracked and monitored, they all have dates on when they were purchased, the book value they stand at in real time and their “expiry date”. This gives you the opportunity to see what hardware or software needs updating or even replacing. Velez’s plan cuts costs on maintenance by the system presenting you the dates of all your assets, giving your organisation time to plan ahead for the future.

We want to help you optimise asset usage by cutting down on maintenance costs, by quantifying the total value of unused hardware and software applications and disposing them.

Using this asset management plan, your organisation can make better informed purchasing decisions as this it will manage their assets using life cycle management. As soon as an asset is purchased it begins the life cycle since you can track every laptop every software application, asset management allows you to visually see the status, cost, “book” value and when it requires updating or even its expiration date. Using asset management, you can see on a list what assets needs maintenance, what requires upgrading, and eventually it will come to a point when an asset is either outdated or ineffective to the business. This indicates that the organisation has to dispose then eventually replace the asset.

With our plan your business can track and monitor all assets and their locations in real time. This can help identify stolen or lost hardware and software applications. This minimises the loses due to theft as it acts as a deterrent. And if this ever were to happen you should be able to identify and replace stolen components or applications as soon as possible, without wasting precious time. Whilst doing this, the Velez also allows the business to plan for the future as you can assess the adverse impact of ageing hardware on IT, this will inherently avoid unprecedented losses (this is really relevant aspect in today’s current climate!)

Investing into our plan will offer visibility by providing an in-depth view of your IT environment. Asset management is an important role in helping a business define and control its IT infrastructure. As it optimises asset usage through directly controlling any new IT asset purchases with all the information and description for the asset. Allowing you to stay compliant and be completely prepared for any upcoming audits (reducing any legal/security risks) all through using our plan.