Business after a pandemic

Lockdown is lifting… what does this mean for your business? Looking at Business after a Pandemic

With lockdown restrictions easing and business growth becoming easier, its essential to ensure your organisation is prepared for life post Covid. Business’ IT Maintenance in storage, server and network can cause potential downtime when needing updates, so it’s vital to keep your assets working at their optimum. What does this mean in terms of TPM and business after a pandemic? How did Velez respond to the pandemic?

Extending your IT Warranty made easy

Extending your IT Warranty made easy With technology becoming more expensive by the day, it is important to keep the assets you have got, up to date and in the best conditions. To achieve business continuity, it is essential to make good decisions, including those to do with technology. Businesses in 2021 rely heavily on…

Benefits of IT Break-fix Maintenance

Download PDF version Nearly all organizations depend on digital technology in this era, yet much more focus on cloud technology innovations. Thinking about how much easier stuff like cloud computing makes a whole company share files. A range of disadvantages also comes with all the advantages associated with computer technologies, i.e., the technical skills and…