With the world reporting it is venturing up its strategies to lessen and ultimately stop the spread of the Coronavirus disease, this currently expands the developing reality that organizations need to adopt various strategies to reduce the chance of employees getting or transferring the COVID-19 disease throughout organizations.

Our business continuity plan will guarantee we can work the entirety of our systems and client services remotely with zero interference to maintained standards in the case of office closures.


All of our services will continue to function as normal.

Employee’s are working from home and have been provided with the equipment to make this possible.

In-person meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings.

In cases where an office visit is necessary, we have provided sanitary & cleaning equipment and must remain socially distanced.

All client systems stay unaffected because of the load balancing capacities, mechanization, and versatility incorporated with our platform and system of data centres. In case of a major blackout, we can failover with minimal human intervention and for the time being, any support or remedial works will be constrained to those that are considered essential.

Whatever It Takes

For all support clients, travel to and from client’s locales is still allowed however trying to limit potential exposure/spreading of the disease, we ask that staff are tolerant as we exhaust all remote investigating estimates first before dispatching an engineer to site. Similarly, we kindly ask that all clients make us aware of any flare-ups or diagnosis promptly with the goal that we can avoid potential risks ourselves.

All our outboard traveling stays on hold until it is safe to do so.

Team engagement remains the same, using the tools in place. Regular calls and interactions will continue as normal.

Despite the condition, we stay focused on conveying the most elevated levels of service and uptime to the entirety of our clients and where conceivable will cooperate to limit the effect of COVID-19 on your business and team.


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