Earth Day started almost 50 years back, in 1970. The artist Jimi Hendrix was instrumental in beginning this development and his thoughts stay key to Earth Day. This day aims to urge individuals to make sure to think about the earth every day.

Earth day is an important day for our company, Velez Managed Services, as this is our earth and we should take care of it! At our company, we use websites such as Docusign to avoid paper use. We know that if we reduce, reuse and recycle we are helping the environment heal and letting nature take its course. We try to save the environment by spreading awareness on how important this is, informing our staff and we also have recycling bins divided into general, metal, plastics, and paper. As a new company that we are, we want to participate in helping with cleaning parks, community, donate and do as much as we can.

For example, in the situation that we are in lockdown from COVID-19, companies are continually searching for win-wins regarding corporate social responsibility. Moving to an increasingly adaptable, gainful, and cost-advantageous method for working, by working from home, it is absolutely a success win since it happens to greatly impact the environment as well.

Let’s help and save our EARTH!!!

Earth Day 2020