Our company decided to provide 3 local schools with gift packs for second-grade children which included bags, pens, notebooks, coloured pencils, colouring books, and other gifts to support their education.

Every child has the right to learn and the right to quality education. There are 58 million primary school-aged children and 63 million young adolescents not in school. Many children are not learning and that is because they are in poverty.

Educated children are better able to contribute to the peace and prosperity of their communities. Furthermore, we choose these schools as they were not in very good condition and children needed the necessary tools to perform their studies.

When children have the right to education, they learn the basics skills, gain knowledge, develop their talents, and make new friends. It was such a beautiful feeling to see the children so happy and feel their warmth of love. Giving makes people feel happy, even if that giving requires a small sacrifice. The gift packs gave motivation to them to keep studying and be the best that they can be!