Extend the life of your IT infrastructure and reduce operating costs by working with Velez Managed Services for your thirdparty maintenance requirements. We provide a more cost-effective end-to-end solution for your hardware maintenance, keeping your server, storage and network equipment performing at its best 

At Velez, we deliver high-quality, flexible post-warranty support with SLA’s that are customised to meet your specific requirements so you get the coverage you require whilst maximising your OPEX budget.  

Our third-party maintenance services cover all major vendors including: EMC, HP, Cisco, Juniper and more.  

Service Delivery (Globally)

Velez have certified Engineers located across the globe, some with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We provide the same high-quality service, no matter where you are located. With Velez, you can avoid the arduous process of multiple suppliers and contracts. You’ll be provided with a single point of contact keeping the whole thirdparty maintenance agreement simple and saving you time and money. 

Extend the Life of Your IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is at the core of your business and whilst the OEM may stop support following end of life (EOL) or end of sale (EOS), we provide you with reassurance and the support to continue using your IT hardware for as long as you require 

By working with Velez, you can decide when you want to upgrade or change your IT infrastructure. Work with a company you can trust to provide third party maintenance services that will extend the life of your assets and meet all of your business and technical requirements. 

Why Choose Velez?

Save on average 50% on your postwarranty maintenance with our third-party maintenance services vs that of the OEM. Whether it’s support and maintenance on a server or data storage array, our infrastructure services allow organisations to reduce costs once equipment has reached EOL or end of service life systems (EOSL). 

Talk to us about network maintenancestorage maintenanceserver maintenance or even our professional services that we can provide along with hardware procurement 

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