Asset management packages tailored to your business needs.

Here at Velez, our asset management team understand the cost of high-end server and data centre equipment. Making your estate work harder and longer for you will ultimately save you money and increase your return on investment. We help to relieve pressure, replace old and end-of-service life devices or equipment that is out of warranty following either an audit or a system configuration being supplied, we then tailor a support package around hardware components required to ensure critical events are catered for, and spare up in the required locations to ensure that you have the right support to keep your equipment running. In essence, we will clone your critical hardware components and have them on standby should the unwanted disaster occur.

Asset Management at Velez

As new hardware is added and old removed from your networks, we’ll just need to be informed to spare up for the new items and remove held old equipment that may have been decommissioned. Our account managers are always ready to assist you with this administrative change. We achieve this by having operating 24/7 response centre which is responsible solely for deploying engineers and housing a full range of high quality and OEM parts. To achieve maximum satisfaction, we have  highly trained engineers on our team, placed strategically to be local to your business and only a message away to offer you 24/7 level 3 support. Our mission is to help you ensure your critical IT equipment are maintained and functioning 24/7, wherever it may be held across the globe.

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