Tailored server maintenance packages for when you need us most.

Unfortunately, server hardware is fragile and invariably breaks causing disruption and cost to your business. This is where server maintenance plans come in. According to Gartner, The average cost of network downtime is roughly $5,600 per 60 seconds. Sounds expensive right? That equates to $300,000 an hour. For any business, $300,000/hr is a lot of money to be losing.

Here at Velez, we specialise in providing you cost effective solutions and services to minimise the risk of critical downtime as your manufacturer warranty ceases we continue to maintain your assets ensuring you get best value for any investment. 

We can do this by arranged visits to your hosted equipment to carry out routine maintenance tasks as well as upgrades to the existing infrastructures, carried out by specialist engineering staff and in cooperation with your own IT teams.

Service requests can be tailored to your business needs on an hourly, daily, weekly and yearly basis and can include hardware, engineering and software support.

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