Third party hardware maintenance solutions to tackle your every day Fujitsu maintenance requirements. 

Velez Managed Services offer a professional and proactive approach that helps organisations control costs and manage their infrastructure with ease with bespoke Service Level Agreements (SLA) available on most hardware platforms.

Whether to discuss hot swap hardware replacement modules and hardware RAID support around mitigating risks of data unavailability or downtime or simple Just a Bunch Of Disks (JBOD), full array functionality models and Windows Storage Server for NAS usage our team are available to discuss.

As many models have now become End of Life (EOL) or approaching EOL dates or perhaps you may be looking to retire these systems, Velez can support and maintain systems until the data has been migrated and assist in replacing the infrastructure altogether.

Not only can Velez Managed Services help keep your systems running beyond the OEM end of service life date (EOSL) but with extensive knowledge and experience around FibreCAT and Eternus storage products systems we can optimise and enhance the current infrastructure. 

Bespoke tailored Fujitsu maintenance, contracted SLA and break fix support for ‘end of life’ (EOL) or ‘end of service life’ EOSL hardware for organisations across the globe.

We assist customers by offering a solution that is both cost effective and reliable. Mission critical Fujitsu systems or general infrastructure can be supported and significantly reduces both cost of ownership and greater ROI of capital expenditure.

EMC Storage Maintenance

Whether full annual maintenance and support is required for Fujitsu storage or monthly interim support during a project like decommissioning our tailored maintenance agreements for Fujitsu storage hardware is flexible to suit.

Customers with Fujitsu storage hardware no matter the current lifecycle program are able to extend maintenance & support creating a cost neutral solution for months or years.

Talk to us today to get a quote on your IT server and storage hardware for maintenance, decommissioning or our data erasure process. 

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