Third-party maintenance solutions to tackle your NetApp storage requirements.

When looking to control costs and manage your business’ NetApp infrastructure, contract procurement can be difficult and time consuming. Velez Managed Services are globally recognized third party maintenance provider who offer their clients with a professional and proactive approach to storage maintenance. With engineers located all over the globe, Velez can provide support to businesses all over the world. By offering bespoke service level agreements to clients, we are able to give you an SLA that is within your requirements. We have a team available to work specifically on NetApp hardware, who can not only can we help keep your systems run beyond the OEM end of service life date (EOSL), but with extensive knowledge and experience around NetApp systems, they can optimize and enhance the current infrastructure to work as if it was new. 



Velez Managed Services provide tailored NetApp maintenance, contracted SLA and break fix support for ‘end of life’ (EOL) or ‘end of service life’ (EOSL) hardware for organisations across the globe. We assist our customers by offering a solution that is both cost-effective and reliable, meaning our SLAs are fit for all businesses. Velez engineers are able to support mission critical NetApp systems, or your general infrastructure at any time, globally. Our services have been proven to significantly reduce both cost of ownership and give greater ROI of capital expenditure on NetApp storage systems. We make it our priority to provide the best services for cost- effective pricing, as we aim to do right by the customer first time, every time.

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Extending the life of storage systems can be one of the best ways to reduce the capital expenditure on IT systems for your company, as it can prevent the unnecessary purchase of new infrastructure for storage, after the EOSL. Our Velez team make this easy by offering solutions for any NetApp storage maintenance issue, such as upkeep, updates and preventing data loss due to system failure. We ensure when your storage requires repairing, it not only fixed, but made to last longer, ensuring your business saves money on IT infrastructure costs. Whether full annual maintenance and support are required for your NetApp storage or monthly interim support during a project, Velez provides tailored maintenance agreements for NetApp storage which are flexible to suit you. Customers with NetApp hardware, no matter the current lifecycle program, can extend maintenance & support creating a cost-neutral solution for months or years.



Velez Managed Services are globally recognized for providing cost- effective NetApp storage maintenance solutions at a cost-effective price for your business. We offers flexible solutions for NetApp storage maintenance, meaning we tailor our SLAs to meet the needs of our clients. We have experienced engineers on call 24/7 located globally, trained to work with NetApp systems, so we can reach your sites and give you the support your business needs, wherever you are located. Our engineers are highly skilled and are ready with parts to maintain your NetApp equipment- whether that is individually or as an extended part of your existing maintenance team- as well as offering you solutions for the future to extend the life of these assets. This gives your business increased uptime at a more cost- effective price.



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