Secure data erasure service

Velez Managed Services provide 100% secure data erasure services covering servers, laptops, loose drives, smartphones and more. The amount of digital information businesses store on various devices is staggering, and only increasing. It’s more important than ever that organisations manage their data securely and remain compliant even at the end of its lifecycle.   

We can tailor a cost-effective solution to meet your requirements, whether you would rather use do-it-yourself erasure software or our in-house destruction services we provide a wide variety of data erasure solutions.  

Erasure verification services

Decommissioning, disposing or reusing IT assets is a very vulnerable time for your business data. If you don’t take the appropriate precautions you could be leaving your valuable business data visible and vulnerable to anyone who has access to that hardware.   

Erasing all data is essential for organisations. At Velez, we audit the entire data erasure process to ensure your methods are working effectively and not leaving your organisation vulnerable.  

Software and Hardware solutions

Velez’s erasure software ensures all data from storage media is destroyed, you receive detailed data reports, are fully certified and are cost-effective. Our hardware solutions are developed to be a total data destruction solution that effectively erases even large volumes of data.   

Don’t open your business up to risk

Global data protection laws present new challenges in this digital era. At Velez, we understand the importance of securely erasing your data which is why we adhere to all industry standards and regulations. We’ll ensure your business is compliant and secure and you’ll receive certified proof of erasure along with reports for your internal auditing information.   

If the process of erasing data, you’re leaving your business vulnerable to many risks including data breaches which could then breach legislations in place and lead to financial penalties. Your organisations’ reputation will be left damage reducing the likelihood or customers or partners wanting to work with you. Data breach information is also released into the public domain, further damaging your reputation for years afterwards.   

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