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Hannah feature friday

This week's Feature Friday is Hannah Lunn! Hannah is our People Operations and Executive Assistant at Velez managed Services and ensures #TeamVelez has everything they need to work to their best ability and be happy. 

Business after a pandemic

With lockdown restrictions easing and business growth becoming easier, its essential to ensure your organisation is prepared for life post Covid. Business’ IT Maintenance in storage, server and network can cause potential downtime when needing updates, so it’s vital to keep your assets working at their optimum. What does this mean in terms of TPM and business after a pandemic? How did Velez respond to the pandemic?

Data Centre Maintenance

Data Centres are like banks, in which they hold all important information, and the input or output should be secure and protected. Data centre maintenance ensures these processes are performed correctly at all times, and that data is always secure. Here’s your guide to data centre maintenance.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is almost a direct link to business growth. Putting the pressure of maintenance and monitoring of your most important assets onto a maintenance provider can be a huge weight off your shoulders, however; choosing the right IT outsourcing company for your business can be difficult.

Velez Youtube

Episode 1 of Velez's New YouTube Series is out and here's the run down of what Molly and Sean spoke about, including working in the channel, secrets behind running a business and misconceptions of IT Service Providers and Business in IT.

TPM Podcast

Its June, TPM Podcast are on a roll, and the weather is amazing, just like the conversations we have had with some …


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